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Big juicy news!!

Posted on 12.07.2016  •  0 artificial skywalkers

[EDITED ON 12.22] Just a quick edit to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an equally Happy New Year. Happy holidays; take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

[EDITED ON 12.07] As promised, the network pages have been updated with the new projects and the new look was uploaded: it's an old dark grey and red div design called Missing you I had made for Seven-Skies; I only spiced it up using some Google fonts. Hope you like it, and remember to check out the new sites; take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hello there everybody, how's going?
I know I promised a new look and a big update but, as usual, RL always manages to thwart every plan you make; since I didn't want to make you wait too long, I decided to post the big news sooner whereas the new layout and the updates to the network pages will come later. Here are the news.

First of all, I have a brand new blog: renewing Flyhigh.nu domain and hosting was impossible (I didn't have the $100 needed for it), plus the name was getting stale so I started fresh and opened Hikarimono.net; go check it out and let me know your opinion.

In addition to that, two new site projects were added to the network: the first is called I♥Boys Graphics and is a yaoi, shonen-ai and slash graphics archive - meaning it focus on BOYxBOY relationships within manga series fandoms and tv series, movies and books fandoms; the second is Stars City Designs....and is my little webstore, where I provide quality ani-manga graphics and designs at cheap prices. Go check out both of them, please, and tell me what you think - feedback is love. n.n

Have to go now, as I have to go run some errands for my mum who is still a bit sick with a cough; see you with the new look - which is coming before the week-end.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week and week-end. ♥

New site look

Posted on 10.10.2016  •  0 artificial skywalkers

[EDITED ON 12.04] New look coming tomorrow or Monday at most, whereas the big update is coming in a few days; stay tuned. Cheers. XO [/EDITED]

[EDITED ON 11.28] I'm terribly sorry for the delay; I had planned to update a few days ago, but I've been sick with flu for a week now - which screwed up all my plans...but I feel better now, so expect an update soon. Cheers. ^.^ [/EDITED]

Hi there everybody. ^.^
As you can see, I finally managed to change look to Neon Sky; beating my laziness into submission took a while, but I finally did it. xD

So, version 10.0 is called I love you FOREVER and features the main characters from one of my favorite mangas of all time, Ayashi no Ceres; the layout is not mine - I had no design ready - but it's an old premade I have stored on my external hdd since a few years ago. The site I took it from closed long ago, but I left the credit link because dues are dues.

As for the announced network-related news...well, those will have to wait until next update, but I have other big news: Neon Sky gained 2 new affiliates; let's welcome Aelyn from Celestialis and Evey from Potion. Go visit them, because their collective and projects are incredible. ♥♥

Have to go now, for I still have to work on updating other 6 sites; see you all on next post.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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