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New hosting project posted by Lucien on 07.09.2018 update! posted by Lucien on 12.03.2017
New look and fanlisting...on me posted by Lucien on 02.14.2017
Announcements posted by Lucien on 01.02.2017
Big juicy news!! posted by Lucien on 12.07.2016

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Moved hosts!!

Posted on 09.11.2016  •  1 artificial skywalkers

[EDITED ON 09.22] Just a quick edit to let you know big news are coming: a newly opened site and another opening-soon one will be added to the network; I'll add both when I open the second, so stay tuned. Cheers. [/EDITED]

Hi there, sorry for the sudden downtime. ^^;;;

I was forced to move hosts because Veerotech's package, in addition to being way overkill, was really expensive and spending that rather effin' amount of money on Neon Sky's type of site is really a waste; so I moved to the much cheaper service - which specializes in Wordpress fansites but also accepts collectives - and I hope it'll be my last move.

See you on next entry - coming soon, as I feel an itch to change the design. :p
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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