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New look and fanlisting...on me

Posted on 02.14.2017  •  0 artificial skywalkers

[EDITED ON 03.18] Ast3rism got its biggest batch's update alongside a new look; go check it out and tell me what you think. =) [/EDITED]

[EDITED ON 02.27] Just purchased three gorgeous and sleek-looking semi-professional collective templates on Sellfy.com, 2 of which made by Sin21 and 1 made by Oh My Morning; can't wait to use them. ♥ [/EDITED]

FANLISTING PLUG :: My listing - My listing - My listing - My listing

Hi there guys, how's going.
I hadn't planned to update so soon, but the old look I had didn't sit well on me (meaning it looked plain ugly :p) so I decided to change it.

The new look...isn't so new; I made the design a few years ago as premade for Ast3rism, but never got to upload it so I've decided to recycle it. As for details, it's an abstract/vector div layout featuring a couple of textures from one of my once - it's basically dead now - favorite sites, simply called Sixty-nine for the numbers on the image. I love the scheme, the colors are dark yet warm.

As for the fanlisting, it's mine and yet it's not: to be precise, my online sister Jamie from Mythopoeic opened a fanlisting dedicated to me as webmistress; I'm still speechless, cannot find any other words but thank you to her. ♥♥
The fanlisting is alive at the url in the plugs on entry's top, so go peek and tell me whatcha think, please?

Have to go now, for I wanna watch Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey; see you on next entry.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week. ♥


Posted on 01.02.2017  •  0 artificial skywalkers

[EDITED ON 01.12] Just a quick edit to show you Neon Sky's version 12.0 Dark side of me; I changed it because I gifted the previous version to my dear online friend Jamie from Mythopoeic as wordpress theme. I also changed the network projects' images, because the old ones were way too big; see you next time. Take care. ♥ [/END EDIT]

Hello there minna, happy 2017! n__n
The first entry of the years bring news along - as the title says - about brand new projects, old projects' revivals and proper tlds....but let's proceed orderly.

First thing is I finally got a proper tld domain for my PNGs site Nubivagant: until now the site was on a *.eu domain - bought solely because the cheapest at the time but strongly loathed - but a couple of days ago I was able to take advantage of Namecheap's holidays prices and finally get myself the nubivagant.org domain; the new domain is currently propagating, but it'll be ready for some work in a couple of days....so stay tuned for my render archive's reopening. xD

Next big announcement is that Snarrish is properly back on tld again, after being left on hiatus for a while on a backup subdomain, with a new name: Snarrish became Snarryish and is ready to be reopen in a couple of weeks at Snarryish.info; I of course will update and re-add it to my projects the moment it reopens. ^__^

Last announcenment is that I got a new project in mind; I've already applied to a free subdomain host which means that, if she accepts me, in a few weeks I will open a mini-shrine dedicated to Nickelodeon's A:TLA's Prince Zuko - who is my favorite character from the Avatar series. ♥

That's all folks, gotta go for my period pains are killing me and I need to rest; see you on next entry.
Take care, guys, and more wishes of the Happiest New Year to everybody. ♥

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