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TITLE :: Neon-Sky ♣ TYPE :: Animanga graphics; ♣ OPENED :: 01.2016;

My main graphics site..living its second life.
Hakanai was in fact the name of the first graphics site I had when I first got online in 2009; the old Hakanai went through a few phases - from subdomain to Co.cc free domain; I then got bored with that site name, used a bunch of other ones (Rengyou, I♥Adore, Lovedrug, etc.) through the years. In 2016 I decided it was time to go back to origins and Hakanai Design was reborn.
HD strives to offers good quality designs and headers; it's run solo by me (I don't like co-owned sites, they always end bad) and I create all its content on my faithful, trusted Adobe Photoshop CC.