Welcome to the Artificial Network, or Neon Sky for short, Lucien's collective where she showcases all her active site projects.
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the story and the facts

While browsing I've often come across several super-cool domain collectives serving to showcase all the webowner's site projects and, as it usally happens, one day that got me into the me too, me too mode so I decided to open my own collective...first under the name Seven Skies, and then Neon Sky.
The domain first opened in October 2013 and went through a few hosts (Hostinger and SiteGround among them) until I got tired of it and decided to take a short break; after that the site came back under a new name and host (Juujiro and Veerotech), but I wasn't really happy with it and soon went back to Neon Sky...who since then has gone through some more hosting providers (including sh*tty ones Stars.bz and NFPHosting) before finally settling down on BeezerHost - where it's gonna stay. ♥

Webmaster :: Lucien.
Domain :: Register.it.
Hosting :: BeezerHost ♥.
Open Since :: October 2013 - June 2020.
Best view :: Mozilla Firefox with a 1280x800 resolution or higher.

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