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starlike designs

TITLE :: Asterism Gfx ♣ TYPE :: Non-anime graphics ♣ OPENED :: 11.2014

Asterism is my corner for all my works not featuring anime and manga.
The site started as Valhalla Designs on a Co.cc domains and transitioned into Aesir.me - I've always loved norse mythology (even before Marvel's Thor movies); it flew into my animanga site for a while, but I didn't wanna keep everything in one basket so I searched for, and found, the right name and host (WebHostingBuzz first, MonsterMegs now) leading to the birth of the starlike designs - that's the meaning of Asterism.
The site strives to offers high quality designs and icons featuring movies, animated movies, cartoons and celebrities; I run the site solo (don't like two-owners sites, they always end bad) and create everything inside it on my faithfully trusted Adobe Photoshop CC.