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Guess who's back

Posted on October 13 2023 • 0 artificial skies

[EDITED ON 11.05.2023] I♥Boys was reopened and updated properly too, so go take a peak and let me know what you think. [END EDIT]

Hello everybody, after ages I'm finally back with a proper update to both the site and the network. ^.^
It took a while because I did some tweaks here and there, but at last I'm finally back for good; so without further ado let's roll.

First things first, the new look: version 18 is called I want a lifetime and features a gorgeous artwork from an artist called I believe Adumi Tohru; the design is actually an old premade I used to have on IAdore (if not on Rengyou) re-coded and tweaked. I love how it turned out, but let me know what you think.

Now for the network...I actually got quite a work of lot done: Hakanai, Ast3rism, Stellavagant and Skyblue were updated properly, the formers with new additions alongside their new looks, so head over there to have a look.
Hakanai also changed url: the owner of hakanai(.)net domain name (which was taken back when I registered Hakanaii) gave me the chance to buy the domain....and of course I took the offer; so in short Hakanai Designs is now proudly Hakanai.net - name's basically the same, it just got rid of the second "i" at the end. LOL
Stars City Designs also went through some major events: as you probably noticed, *.info domains have become expensive as h3ll (the likes of $20-22/year) and I could no longer affort to pay the renewal fee; so I cut my losses, and expenses, and moved Stars City Designs to a subdomain. The site is currently not open, but given how things are going (I'm like on a roll, I've updated the aforementioned 4 sites in a week) the reopening is likey gonna happen pretty soon.

Gotta go now, as I wanna watch the "Dungeons & Dragons" movie (love me some Chris Pine); see you all on next entry.
Everybody take care and have a wonderful week-end. ♥

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