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Sad but necessary

Posted on April 14 2020 • 1 artificial skies

Hello there fellas. =)
This is the first real update since Neon Sky moved to its current host....but sadly it's not a happy or easy one, as I have a sad announcement to make.

After a few months spent deeply thinking and considering this, I've decided to shut down Bellerose Hosting; as I said, it wasn't an easy decision but it had to be done: ever since I opened the service in 2018, almost nobody visited the site and absolutely nobody applied for hosting or even asked for information. The hosting package renews next October, but the tld renews in just over a month and I don't wanna keep paying for something that nobody is using; plus, I don't have the knowledge (VPS/dedicated server, WHM, DirectAdmin, etc.) to open a service that can compete with the free services existing today. The site name is getting stale as well, and hosting has felt more and more like a chore than fun lately and lost almost all of its appeal. I deeply hate closing projects, but sometimes it just cannot be avoided and this was one of those times.
I've already removed Bellerose banner and page from the site and updated the network page to show the change; if someone is interested in the domain name, let me know and I'll gladly sell it to you for cheap.

Gotta go now, as right now there is basically a wind "cyclone" here and I have to go help my parents to secure some things in the garden in order to prevent them from flying off; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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