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Big network update posted by Lucien on February 16 2024
Guess who's back posted by Lucien on October 13 2023
Alive and back (hopefully soon)!! posted by Lucien on May 14 2023
Sad but necessary posted by Lucien on April 14 2020
FusionNews Broke posted by Lucien on November 10 2019

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Big network update

Posted on February 16 2024 • 0 artificial skies

Hi there minna, it's been a while. ^.^
I'm not gonna dawdle this time, as there has been a major change to the network that need to be properly addressed; so, let's roll.

First thing first, the design: meet version 19 Gintoki, featuring the titular protagonist of the hit animanga series Gintama; this design has been languishing in my SSD for aeons, and I can't believe I finally get to use it. I hope you like it, but any (constructive) feedback is welcome.

Now onto the main topic: Enigmaticons is no more; the name was getting moldy, so I decided to start let me introduce my new icon archive Kurenaicons, a.k.a. Deep Red Icons. The site is already up and running, so you can go check from its relative project page (already active and online as well).
In additions to that, there have been a few hosts changes (mostly regarding my fansite domains), but nothing worthy of being mentioned specifically.

Gotta go as I wanna update Ast3rism as well; see you next time.
Take care guys, and have an amazing week-end. ♥

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