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FusionNews Broke posted by Lucien on November 10 2019

FusionNews Broke

Posted on November 10 2019 • 0 artificial skies

[EDITED ON 12.30.2019] Just a quick edit to let you know that I♥Boys is currently down - because its host (Luminoscity) went down with no warning or notification - and will be down until I’ve renewed my card and bought a new package. Stay tuned for its return; take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hey guys, just a very quick announcement.

This is (sadly) not an update: I had issues with FusionNews (from the outside everything seemed fine, but every time I logged in it logged me back out and I couldn't navigate through it) that forced me to reinstall the script....It was so bad I had to recover my entries by going into the page's code so that I could copy them.
I have no idea if this happened because I was hacked or something like it - I strengthened FusionNews login password just in case it was that - but I hope this was a one time deal, otherwise I'll have to use Cutenews or FanUpdate.

Have to go now, as the same error happened on I♥Boys and I have to reinstall FusionNews there too; see you all on the proper update.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week. ♥